The X-celinator™ Resistance Training System

improve your stroke technique and increase power

Improve your stroke

Increase your focus

the challenge fit for you

Increase focus + Competitive edge

The gym just can’t simulate focused muscle groups and stroke technique training like being in your boat. Nothing beats being on the water. The X-celinator™ Resistance Training System helps serious paddlers increase their focus in real-time on the water, so they can gain a competitive edge with greater technique and power. 

Designed for any paddling watercraft

Our patented snug fit ReziFloats decrease the chance of rotation and damage to the hull or craft.

fit the challenge to your needs

Easily adjust your resistance settings by adding or removing ReziFloats making the challenge fit to your needs

Better team blend

Real-time resistance training assists your whole crew to synchronize together for better blend

Increase concentration

Focus your stroke accuracy and engage muscle groups for greater strength and power

made to last

Created with marine-grade long-lasting materials - so less rubbish in the ocean, and easier to clean with less mess


Up your game on the water through resistance training with the X-celinator™, our patented resistance strap system for Canoes, Kayaks, and Surfskis. This system is designed for paddlers to improve their stroke technique and increase power on the water by increasing water resistance in real-time. Our universal fit mounting system and adjustable length band is designed to work on any craft. With customized settings to adjust resistance, from very light for first-timers, to extremely challenging levels for competitive paddlers.

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Resistance training in real-time

The X-celinator™ Resistance Training System provides boat crews with a critical tool for increasing endurance, stroke technique, power and coordination.The X-celinator™ is like an underwater set of resistance bands that work as hard as you do, allowing you to increase your stroke technique and power for sprints, distance, competitions and more. Resistance training has helped thousands of paddlers around the world improve stroke efficiency and upgrade their fitness for competition or fun.

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